A goose and pork liver sausage with rice. Great for the frying in the oven or in a...
A fine smoked pork liver spread with onion. Great for spreading on bread and sandwiches.
The famous Hungarian spice used in many of our products. A must-have for any European kitchen. Available in...
Ground pork with Polish seasonings. Ready to cook, great for grilling!
A pork sausage with Polish seasoning that has been light smoked and cooked. Ready to eat.
A homemade Hungarian pastry with a ground poppyseed filling. Great as a dessert or with a cup of...
A beef and pork sausage, light smoked and cooked. Ready to eat.
Bacon that has been aged and double-smoked with the rib bones. Ready to eat.
A cured and smoked pork butt, ready to eat. Can be sliced or cooked into a dish for...
A light smoked beef and pork salami, ready to eat. Great for slicing.
Made from fresh lean pork and beef, pepper, paprika, garlic, and other natural spices. Double-smoked. Available in mild...
A smoked bologna made from turkey meat. Great for sandwiches.
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