Our best seller - fried bacon the old-fashioned way - crunchy and meaty. A must try!
Ground pork with German seasonings. Ready to cook, great for grilling!
Cured ham hocks double-smoked. Great for cooking soups and stews, or on its own.
Pork tongue and snout cooked in its own juices with natural seasonings. A gelatin-like delicacy. Available in plain,...
A homemade blend of goose and pork liver. Easily sliced. Great on sandwiches.
Majoneise that has been flavored with horseradish. Great on sandwiches or with any of our fresh sausages.
Ground pork with Hungarian seasonings. Ready to cook, great for grilling!
A pork sausage with Hungarian seasoning that has been lightly smoked and cooked. Ready to eat.
Ground pork with Italian seasonings. Ready to cook, great for grilling!. Available in mild and hot.
A thicker German-style beef sausage, light smoked.  
A Polish style ground pork bologna with beef pate. Great on sandwiches. Ready to eat.
A goose and pork liver sausage with rice. Great for the frying in the oven or in a...
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